Online Classes

Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic I have developed an offer of online workshops, lectures and private classes. Below you will find some of the recorded workshops from the lockdown period that you can purchase.

“The first person you need to connect to is yourself, then you need to connect to the floor and next, to the music. Only then will you be able to connect properly to another person as well.” From Why you should practice tango both alone and in couple

Private classes on Zoom

Wondering what you can possibly study in an online private class? There are many things that I can help you develop and practice alone or with your partner, related to posture, technique, specific vocabulary, musicality, embellishments, aesthetics and how to avoid injuries when dancing. This might also be the time to ask the questions you have always asked but never got a satisfying answer.

I teach followers and leaders alone, as well as couples. I speak French, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch. Yep, fluently. If you are interested in a private class, send me an email to or message me on Facebook.

Technique workshops for solo practice

You can now purchase my three online technique workshops for followers from the series “SPRINGTIME TANGO MAGIC” that I have taught in the spring of 2021. Each workshop recording is 1h30min long and the price is 20 eur/video. To get the videos send me a message to

Springtime Tango Magic #1

In workshop “PLANT GOOD HABITS AND WATCH THEM GROW” you will learn:
– how to correctly align your posture and protect your lower back, especially when walking backwards;
– how to make large back steps without losing your balance;
– a magic trick for pivoting light and easy.

Springtime Tango Magic #2

In workshop “PLANT PIVOTS, GROW VOLEOS!” you will work on the technique of front and back pivots, as well as correct dissociation technique, setting up a strong basis for front and back voleos. You will learn how to properly relax and control the free leg in these movements without losing balance or hurting yourself.

Springtime Tango Magic #3

In this workshop “PLANT A FLOWER GARDEN!” you will study some common as well as less common embellishments for the free leg, to use during pivots but also for CALESITA movements. After this class you will never feel lost when dancing a calesita!

Online courses with Tango Amistoso (London)

During the lockdown periods of 2020 I have collaborated with Tango Amistoso London in creating quality online workshops that you can purchase for your solo and partner practice. Here is the full list of our online workshops with Tango Amistoso. For each course you will receive the slides and the video materials.

Course #1 “Elegance & Aesthetics in Argentine Tango”, April/May 2020
Course #2 “Mastering Giros with Sacadas, Embellishments & More”, May/June 2020
Course #3 “Taking Milonga and Vals to a whole new level”, July 2020
Course #4 “FOLLOWER POWER, 1st edition“, 18/11/2020
Course #5 “FOLLOWER POWER, 2nd edition“, 8/12/2020
Course #6 “HOOKED! Ganchos for followers and leaders“, 16/01/2021

Online webinars

Online Webinar Memorising and scripting tango sequences

Available now: Recording + slides of Zoom Webinar
CAN YOU REPEAT THAT? MEMORISING & SCRIPTING TANGO SEQUENCES” held on the 2nd of December 2020 (1h15min). You can buy the materials of the webinar for 20 Eur. This includes a pdf document with the slides and a video recording of the webinar.

Free talks for your solo practice

Here are some short video talks in which I give tips & tricks on how to start and structure your own solo technique practice at home:

1) How to start practicing tango technique alone
2) Why practicing alone feels so different from practicing or dancing with a partner
3) How our body and brain learn movement and what it means for your solo practice
4) Things you need to understand about your body and nervous system in order to manage your balance when practicing alone
5) What does it mean to be grounded in dance and how to ground yourself while moving

6) How to choose and to make the most of online tango classes

Free online workouts & footwork videos

Video (free): Quick full-body warm up for tango dancers, leaders and followers. To warm up before your practice or to use as a short workout to power up your body!

The following video workouts are available for free. You will find all of my videos on my YouTube channel VEROTANGO.

When it’s World Tango Day but you are alone in lockdown in 2020!
Dancing solo to Chopin, for a change