I started writing in 2013 and have so far written 32 essays and 1 special publication. Below you will find a list of all my writings and their known translations. I publish my essays in public mode on Facebook, so you can read them even if you don’t have a Facebook account.


Various of my essays have been translated into a total of 18 languages so far. Would like to translate one of my essays into your language? Just make sure you mention my authorship and include a link to the original (English) essay. If you would like me to add a link to your translation in the list below, just send me a message to

Les traductions françaises / French translations

Voici une liste des traductions de mes articles en français. 

Special Publications

If you would like your friends or family to understand why you are so crazy about this dance, let them read this article:

An article on the topic of love relationships between dancers for TanGossip magazine:
In love as in tango. In tango as in love.
It is available in English, French and Italian in the same view.

An interview for TanGossip, available in English and French, April 2022:

All my essays in one place

If you are new to my writings, the full list of titles can be somewhat overwhelming. Therefore I grouped them into categories.

Understanding Tango

Learning & Teaching

Practicing & Improving

Psychology & Personal Growth

Social Dynamics