Performing is what keeps my love for tango burning. In the past years I have worked with various partners, teaching and dancing shows in many different countries and events. Below you will some of my recent videos with various partners.

Role-changing performance with Melina Mistral (Montréal)

With my partner Asya Moiseeva (Paris)

Performing a show at La Vie en Rose International Queer Tango Festival in Paris:

First performance with Asya Moiseeva, July 2021:

Role changing performances

Leading/following performance with Silvia Bivolaru in London, June 2022:

Role changing all-women group performance in Paris, May 2022:

My very first role changing performance, with Melina Mistral (Montréal), Jan 2020:

Performing with other partners in the past

With Pablo Freund (Argentina/Paris), Nov 2019:

With Benjamin Solano (France):

Watch more of my videos on my VEROTANGO Youtube channel.