Can you repeat that?

Memorising & Scripting Tango Sequences

Are you a tango geek like me who loves studying tango sequences from videos, create your own variations and dissect complex vocabulary? Then this webinar is for you!

We learn tango by copying steps from other dancers, gradually building a vocabulary of our own and ideally arriving at a point where we are able to improvise with the “lego” blocks instead of only repeating what we once copied. But tango is a complex dance, a language with a great many variables, that takes years to master.

One of the recurring difficulties is understanding and memorising sequences from a video or a live example in class. Sometimes we also want to write it down, but have no quick or practical way of doing it.In this webinar I will share a SYSTEMATIC APPROACH that I have developed for myself as a dancer and a teacher to quickly analyse and memorise tango sequences from visual examples and to explain complex sequences more effectively.

This webinar will be useful to you if you are:
– an intermediate/advanced social dancer, a leader or a follower, who would like to enchance their visual memory, understand tango geometry and spatial principles;
– a performer/choreographer who would like a practical tool to write down your tango material
– a teacher who would like to help students with memorising class material

My webinar consists of THREE PARTS:
– tango as a system of basic elements & figures
– how to work with video material and visual examples to understand & memorise sequences;
– how to script (write down) tango sequences quickly and in detail, by using a codified language I have designed.

Your can order the webinar recording and the slide presentation (45 slides) for 30 Eur. Write a message to and I will send you the payment details.