I dance Argentine Tango. Do you?

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My name is Veronica Toumanova and I am a professional performer, teacher, writer and social tango dancer living in Paris.

People who dance tango feel like they touch upon a mystery that is impossible to convey in words.This is a quote from my article Argentine tango as intimacy practice

Argentine tango is about two souls meeting in music. It is an improvised couple dance that is capable of giving you the most intense, almost transcedental bliss. Tango is a dance unlike any other. It is difficult and complex, yet can also be delightfully simple. In my performances and pedagogy I focus on creating that unique connection that is the essence of Argentine tango.

“Tango, in a way, is like the path to enlightenment: there are guru’s of every kind, you will have to find the one right for you.” From Why years of tango will not make you an advanced dancer and what will


I love performing and I believe there is nothing quite like the feeling of improvising a tango for a live audience. The closest it comes to is flying. For the past several years I have performed in many countries with various talented partners.

I am currently working with a dancer, teacher and tango DJ Asya Moiseeva (Paris). You can learn more about us on our Facebook page Veronica Toumanova & Asya Moiseeva.


Teaching is a large part of my professional occupation and I love it. Since 2007 I have taught in 16 countries. Being fluent in seven languages helps me to connect to people from different cultures. I believe that one of the reasons why I love teaching is because tango is really complex yet can also be really simple. In a way, even as a teacher you never stop learning. I teach group workshops on topics such as technique, connection, vocabulary and musicality, as well as leading for women/followers. I teach private classes both in person and online.

“Tango connection makes us vulnerable, opens us like a book, invites us to go inside ourselves and share what we find there with another person.” From Why in tango we are not that social

Books, Articles & Lectures

Dancers in various places in the world often greet me with the words: “You are that Veronica who writes about tango! I’ve read your essays!” If you have never read any, beware: they are longreads.

I have so far released two books containing my essays, a series entitled “Why Tango“. The second volume has been published in Nov 2021!

Rather than telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, she tells how things work, sketching the consequences of doing or not doing certain things. Based on where you are in tango and what you seek, these essays will help you further making your own way.” From a reader’s review

Sometimes what you need is not a tango class or an essay, but pictures of neural pathways to explain why learning tango is often so hard. For most of my life I have been passionate about neuroscience, psychology, biomechanics and the workings of our bodymind, so I also give lectures on what I read and what I write about.

Online Workshops & Webinars

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis I have been offering classes, workshops and webinars online. Have a look at my Online Classes page to see the free video materials & talks to help your solo practice, learn more about online private classes and also purchase materials from past workshops and webinars.

Press, Talks & Interviews

Here are some of my interviews on tango, based on my writings and experience as a teacher, performer and social dancer.

An interview for TanGossip, available in English and French, April 2022:

Online discussions for Dance in Conversation, with Ieva Kelpsaite and Sergio Acosta, 2021: Love is not enough: practicing tango with a partner

Online discussion in Tango Lounge with Filippo Monici, July 2020:
Tango and Personal Development: how tango affects your life and makes you undergo psychological transformations

Interview with Joe Yang from Winconsin Tango, June 2018:
Feeling vs Aesthetics : an interview with Veronica Toumanova

Interview with Chrisa Assis from Toronto, April 2018:
Tango Chat with Veronica Toumanova

How to find & book me

In Paris I teach technique workshops, leading for women and couple workshops for Tango Mon Amour. I also give private classes and teach online. My work regularly takes me to other French cities as well as London, various European countries and even as far as Canada. See my full schedule

Contact details

Message Veronica Toumanova on Facebook
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Or send an email to vero@tangomonamour.com

Tango resources I recommend

veronica toumanova argentine tango performance, dancer, teacher, writer, online tango classes
With my favorite pair of MP

My favorite shoe brand, for two reasons: they have a large collection for vegans like me and their vegan shoes are comfortable, robust and beautiful. Considering they are made from celery and quinoa, how amazing is that?

A place to post and find everything about tango: events, stories, pictures, articles, secondhand shoes and clothes, festival reviews and workshop info. Visit my profile on Tangofolly

book tango tips by the maestros veronica toumanova

A book and an online resource collecting writings from various tango maestros and maestras and covering a great variety of topics. I have contributed a chapter to this book, entitled “Building a Fulfilling Social Life in Tango”. You can order the book as well as find more information on the website.

tango partner app

To immediately find local tango friends wherever you are in the world, check the Tango Partner app. You can use it to find locals dancers, ask for recommendations, connect with local teachers, share a taxi, register together to events, or simply go out for a drink.

Interested in getting to know more about tango music? El Recodo Tango site (France) has an impressive music collection you can search by virtually any parameters, including lyrics. You can also play a quizz to see what level of music knowledge you have as compared to other players from around the world.

An all-in-one, always up-to-date agenda of tango related activities in Paris and France. If you are planning to visit my city, this is the site to look for events and addresses.

Tango photos of me on this website are by Asya Moiseeva (Paris, 2019)

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