Online Teaching

“The first person you need to connect to is yourself, then you need to connect to the floor and next, to the music. Only then will you be able to connect properly to another person as well.” From Why you should practice tango both alone and in couple

Online Courses with Tango Amistoso (London)

NEW NEW NEW! Stuck in a lockdown alone or with your partner in January 2021? We have a new online workshop for you focusing on an essential and exciting element of tango vocabulary: the GANCHO. I am giving this workshop together with Winston & Silvia of Amistoso Tango, London. To register please visit “HOOKED! ESSENTIAL GANCHOS FOR FOLLOWERS AND LEADERS“, 16th of January 2021.

Missed our online Workshop on the 8th of December 2020 “FOLLOWER POWER“, second edition? You an still buy the video recording and all the materials to practice by yourself. This workshop on followers technique and embellishments was created in collaboration with Silvia Bivolaru from Tango Amistoso, London.

My collaboration with Tango Amistoso from London during the April 2020 lockdown and beyond has resulted in three montly online courses that you can now buy online. For each course you will receive the slides and all the video materials.
Course #1 “Elegance & Aesthetics in Argentine Tango”
Course #2 “Mastering Giros with Sacadas, Embellishments & More”
Course #3 “Taking Milonga and Vals to a whole new level”
Course #4 “FOLLOWER POWER“, given on 18/11/2020
Course #5 “FOLLOWER POWER, 2nd edition“, given on 8/12/2020

Online Weekly Classes

Every Thursday in January 2021, at 19hrs Paris time, I am teaching a one-hour bodywork & technique class on Zoom (in French). Please contact me on if you are interested.

Online Webinars

Available now: Recording + slides of Zoom Webinar
CAN YOU REPEAT THAT? MEMORISING & SCRIPTING TANGO SEQUENCES held on the 2nd of December 2020 (1h15min). Buy the materials for 20 Eur before the 10th of December 2020!

Online Private Classes

If you would like to have an online private class with me, this is how the process can look like:
1) We start with a 15-20 minutes intake video call to discuss your goals and desired results. We define the tools that we are going to use, the topics, the space arrangements, the pricing and the eventual follow up (exercise videos by me and/or my feedback on your videos). We schedule the class.
2) We do a one-hour online class following the procedure as agreed and we adapt as we go. I speak French, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch. Yep, fluently. My brain is a machine!

Payments can be done by bank transfer or PayPal.

Obviously, some things we won’t be able to work on, like topics that involve me feeling your embrace. However, there are many things that I can help you develop and practice alone (or with your partner). Things like posture, basic technique, understanding specific vocabulary, musicality, embellishments and how to avoid injuries when dancing tango. This might be the time to ask the technical questions you always wanted to ask. I teach followers, leaders and couples.

Online Teacher Coaching Sessions

If you are a tango teacher and you would like coaching from me on how to teach, how to handle the psychological side of teaching different people, how to personalise your approach to specific students and to deal with difficult cases, I offer online coaching sessions of one hour (or less).

If you are interested in a private class or a coaching session, send me an email to or message me on Facebook.

Online Talks to Help Your Solo Practice

Here are some short video talks in which I give tips & tricks on how to start and structure your own solo technique practice at home:
1) How to start practicing tango technique alone
2) Why practicing alone feels so different from practicing or dancing with a partner
3) How our body and brain learn movement and what it means for your solo practice
4) Things you need to understand about your body and nervous system in order to manage your balance when practicing alone
5) What does it mean to be grounded in dance and how to ground yourself while moving
6) NEW NEW NEW! How to make the most of online tango classes (November 2020)

NEW! MY INTERACTIVE TALK “LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH: PRACTICING TANGO WITH A PARTNER“: a shortened summary of my interview on practicing and managing your dance relationships with Ieva Kelpsaite from DANCE IN CONVERSATION.

If you would like to support my efforts to offer online talks you can make a donation to my PayPal account.

Online Technique Workouts

Video (free): Quick full-body warm up for tango dancers, leaders and followers. To warm up before your practice or to use as a short workout to power up your body!

I hope to be able to provide more instructional videos on fundamental topics of tango technique in the near future. Stay tuned and visit my website again! Meanwhile you can start your solo technique practice by listening to my talks above and using the following footwork videos.

Musical Footwork Videos

The following video workouts are available for free. You will find all of my videos on my YouTube channel VEROTANGO.

When it’s World Tango Day but you are alone in lockdown in 2020!
Dancing solo to Chopin, for a change